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Photoshop it to black and white and values.

Then I drew it! (Picture sucks, sorry)

Then I painted his hair in black

I painted more of the black and then I started on the background which I wanted red because, well, I can.

I finished off the black and then started on the dark gray

More dark gray and my random dots telling me what to paint that color

Dark gray is painted in and so is that dark inside red of the background.

Medium gray and medium-light gray painted in

More medium-light gray painted in

My art teacher/yearbook adviser/bestest friend drawing Monte’s chest tattoos (The guy covering his face is the football player that was head banging to Break Free, the tweet that Monte quote tweeted)

I started painting Monte’s chest tattoos

More chest painting (I had to stare at the picture on my laptop the whole time, at his chest, I’m not complaining, just stating the facts)

Painted the rest of the gray in

Fixing all the spots.

I finished fixing all the spots of white that needed to be painted \(^.^)/

I outlined his tattoos in black and finished it!!!!

I hope you like my Monte Money value portrait painting because it took me about a month to do and I spent an extra 2 classes a day working on mine than the rest of the people did on theirs.

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