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I’ve always loved this picture but I never knew where the actual dude with the face came from until earlier today when Lizz, Mom, and I watched a movie called Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. (Or Ted and Bill’s Excellent Adventure. I forget.) Half way through the movie I freak out and found the picture on my laptop and show it to them. This screenshot is when Ted was telling Bill to hurry up because the King’s knights were coming after them in the woods. Now that I figured that out, live is balanced again… Also, Marcus from The Lost Boys is Bill. I found that amusing, bad guy vampire to teenage stoner who is destined to make the world amazing? That was funny. Okay, I’ll stop rambling.

Just remember: PARTY ON.

I’ve grown too attached to Sparta. It’s going to tear my heart when Bill and Chelsey take her back… I love this dog more than I love most people. Sparta is seriously the dog version of me. I wish I could keep her forever.

So for Mercer County Ag Day, I got seven new pens… That I gave to my grandpa because he collects pens. He didn’t have any of them and it made me smile that I could give him those pens for no reasons. It’s the little things that make life better. That was one of those times.

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